“At Outeniqua Primary we will always encourage good manners”


We believe it is important for every learner to achieve success in one sphere or another.  Our balanced school program is aimed at enabling everyone to do well at their own level.

A wide range of activities allow learners to pursue in interest which are already developed and to discover for themselves where their talents lie.  This will lead to a responsible, caring and self-motivated individual capable of contributing to a society in which all are considered equal.

At Outeniqua Primary we will always encourage good manners, confidence, the ability to solve problems and above all, respect for others.  Outeniqua learners are encouraged to understand the Christian faith and its values, and our school retains a strong emphases on traditional standards while preparing children for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

We, at Outeniqua, are extremely fortunate to have supportive parents, innovative staff and an excellent management team.  The Governing Body is both highly competent and committed to helping us deliver the best possible education within an affordable school fee structure.

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Om jongmense se breine te ontwikkel, maar nie daarmee saam hul sin vir waardes en deug nie, is om hulle op te voed om intelligente probleme vir die sameleweing te word.  Theodore Rooseveldt