imgsaals-187x277Laerskool Outeniqua is ‘n skool met ‘n ryke  en trotse verlede.   Tot 1921 was die primêre skool ingesluit by twee hoërskole,  die Meisie- en Jongenskool.  Met die amalgamasie van die hoërskole het die Laer Meisieskool as aparte skool voortgegaan.

In 1923 het die Hoërskool Outeniqua ontstaan en toe die nuwe perseel betrek is, het die George Jongenskool ook as ‘n aparte skool begin   funksioneer. Dit word later die Laerskool Manie le Roux wat in 1971 met die George Meisieskool amalgameer.

Hierdie nuwe skool is in 1974 herdoop tot die Laerskool Outeniqua.

Skoolhoofde van Laerskool Outeniqua:

  • Mnr Wepener: 1974 –
  • Mnr Francois Henn:  – 1995
  • Mnr Andries van Schalkwyk: 1995 – 2004
  • Mnr Johan Smit: 2005 tot hede

School Badge and Motto

The school badge was designed by a previous principal, Mr F L Henn.

Blazoning:  A Shield, Azure fringed by a mantle, Or and Azure.  A Helmet, Argent, crowns the shield.


A three armed candelabrum:  Or on Azure.  Symbolism:  Striving for a blessed life which bears good fruit; in family life, at the workplace and in service of God.  Also pointing to “Let your light shine..”

Open book:  Argent and Azure. Symbolism:  Points to the teaching of skills, setting of norm and exposure to knowledge.

Three circles intertwined:  Or on Azure.  Symbolism: Suggests the three disciplines on which Christian National Education is founded:  Home, School and Church.  The intertwining suggests the ideal of unity between these disciplines.

Azure=blue;  Or=yellow or gold;  Argent=silver or yellow.

The motto:  Conquer -in both languages on a golden ribbon underneath.  The motto was proposed by Mr Manie le Roux, a previous principal.